What Our Clients Are Saying...


"I would recommend Sue Masley because she is very helpful in the process of selling a home and is very knowledge when it comes to her job." - Alisha 8/24/17

"Amie (Penfield) is always reachable and very friendly when answering questions or calming concerns. She is fantastic to work with and I'd never work with a different agent! " - Alicia 8/23/17

"Jason (Hilton) was fantastic! We really put him through the ringer dragging him to many really nasty foreclosure properties and even some auction properties and he was always positive, prepared and easy to work with. " - Roscoe 8/22/17

"Sarah Rose Holland was phenomenal through the entire home buying process she really cared about us and treated us like family. I couldn't have done it without her , she kept me hopeful and sane through the whole experience and I'm happy to say I've made a true friend for life ! I would recommend her to anyone who wants someone who really cares about you and your home buying experience . Someone who will work tirelessly for you and do everything possible to make your experience easier and keep in constant contact if need be ! When I had doubts she was there to give me all the advice she had if she didn't know an answer right away she did everything to find out asap ,when i was full of worry she was there to lift me up and when I was happy or we accomplished another step she truly shared in my joy ! I could not recommend her more highly! " - Fenton 8/17/17

"I would highly recommend Amie Penfield to anyone interested in selling their home. She made herself accessible 24/7 and many times went beyond the call of duty. Amie was quick to return all my phone calls and emails. She always kept us updated prior to and after any showings. Excellent communication skills, which put us at ease since we were living over 1000 miles from our old home. Amie Penfield is A+++ " - Jim 8/14/17/17

"Jeff (Wright) was the best realtor we have ever worked with having purchased several homes throughout our lifetime. He is professional, personable, smart and funny and is always available and very prompt to reply anytime no matter what he may have going on! We will refer friends and family to Jeff anytime as well as when we are ready to buy our next home!! " - Jason & Daenlle 8/10/17

"Amy (Schemery) was very responsive, even helping us while she was on vacation! We felt completely taken care of and got answers promptly. I would highly recommend Amy to anyone seeking representation." - Shelly 8/9/17

"Kari (Wolfe) worked hard to make sure things were done right from the very start. We moved cross country and had total faith that things were being communicated and executed properly at every stage of the process." - Chad and Kristin 7/24/17

"Jeff (Wright) made us feel comfortable, he didn't follow us around relentlessly at the open house asking if we were working with anyone. He was there when I had questions, however, and answered important questions My wife and I had. He uncovered through our questions our needs and offered to help us." - William 7/8/17

"Sue Masley was recommended for her professionalism and dedication to her clients Sue Masley was very organized, very knowledgeable about everything related to real estate contracts and home inspections. Sue Masley is extremely dedicated to her clients. She kept me updated on concerns related to buying my house and definitely looked out for my best interest in all matters related to buying my house. Very professional, knowledgeable and agressive on her clients behalf. Excellent communication between myself and sellers realtor I would and will recommend Sue Masley to any of my friends and family for her excellence as a realtor." - Cathleena 7/8/17

"This journey was nearly 5 years in the making. From the first house we looked at in December 2012, to the home we purchased in May 2017, a lot transpired in between. During that time, other brokers may have decided to give up on us and rightly so, but Stacy (Snyder) was always there and willing to help whenever we needed her. If there was a long period of no contact she would check in just to see how we were doing. We weren't always the easiest clients to deal with, but Stacy was always there. We started with a broad area to look and then narrowed it to one town after our first child born so we could be close to family and that didn't deter Stacy. She understood why and embraced the challenge. I would recommend Stacy to anyone and everyone looking for real estate because to me she wasn't pushy and was genuinely concerned with us finding the right home for our needs. We can't say enough good things about Stacy. She is absolutely one of the best in the business and took the time to get to know me and my family. She was always offering her insight into things that we didn't think of. She is simply amazing. We loved working with Stacy and know that everyone else would too!" - Walter 7/3/17

"Amie Penfield is a very knowledgeable, personable, and accommodating agent. I have referred others to her, with equally satisfying results." - Lisa 7/1/17

"Lance Jensen was always professional and helpful. At the same time he's the type that you could call a friend as well. Our experience with him went beyond our expectations." - Shawn – 6/27/17

"Being a first time home buyer in an area that I was not familiar with, I wanted to work with a real estate agent that knew the area well. Gail Bair is excellent to work with and always easy to communicate with. She is a local of Williamsport and has many years of real estate experience, which makes her a knowledgeable agent. She stood up for us and assisted in communication with our lender. I would definitely recommend Gail Bair to anybody looking for a seasoned real estate agent that is easy to work with and has an excellent personality." -Ashley – 6/26/17

"We appreciated the patience and hard work showed by Amie (Penfield) to finally complete to our closing after some trying circumstances with the buyers." - Cynthia and Glenn – 6/24/17

"Kari (Wolfe) was wonderful to work with! Extremely efficient, friendly, positive and helpful!! I was a first time home buyer and in good hands with Kari!" - Amy – 6/21/17

"Jeff Wright listened to what I wanted in a home. He guided me through the process of finding our ideal home. I took his advice and now we are moving into the home of our dreams. I owe it all to Jeff Wright." - Nancy – 6/20/17

"From start through closing, Jeff was the (W)right choice for us! " - Jim – 6/20/17

"We lived outside the area where the house was located. Gary (Moyer) provided excellent communications with us keeping us posted on activity related to our property. Once we had an agreement on the offer he was very good in communicating to us what the next steps would be, providing us the necessary paperwork and talking us through what we needed to do. He was very helpful through the entire process." - Gary & Lisa – 6/16/17

"I highly and strongly recommend Jeff Wright for your realtor needs...if you want a knowledgeable and trustworthy person, one that will listen to your concerns and produce results...Jeff Wright is the realtor of choice..." - Wade – 5/31/17

"We were very pleased with our whole experience with our agent Jason Hilton and the team at Berkshire Hathaway. They made the process so easy and stress free. We can not thank Jason enough for all his hard work. We were able to contact Jason with any question which he answered thoroughly and promptly. " - Gregg & Valerie 5/28/17

"Anyone looking to buy or sell a home should definitely talk to Jason Hilton. He was easy to communicate with and expediently contacted and arranged for us to buy the home in which we were interested in buying, which was a home for sale by owner. Jason made arrangements and took care of the paperwork with the seller, my lending agency, and myself. I am very happy I had Jason with me on this transaction. " - Stephanie – 5/25/17

"Stacy (Snyder) did an amazing job of going the extra mile for us and keeping us very informed along the way. I did not know her prior to listing with her, but she earned my greatest respect for the way she handled this sale. " - Duane – 5/24/17

"I am so happy that Stacy was along to help on our journey of buying a home. I would recommend Stacy Snyder to anyone I know looking to buy a home due to the fact that she knew exactly what we needed to do and followed up on it all quickly. She is also very knowledgeable so she knows what to look for when choosing to buy a home and can guide you through the process quickly." - Morning – 5/24/17

"Kari (Wolfe) was fantastic! She was awesome at keeping us calm and relaxed through a very stressful process. I would highly recommend her to anyone trying to find their dream home!" - Alex & Krystal – 5/22/17

"We started the home buying process lost and confused..... Kari (Wolfe) helped us find a home for our family in our price range and location we desired, she always made herself available to answer any and all questions (and we had ALOT) even taking our calls and replying to our emails into the night time hours. We found Kari very personable and caring, her knowledge and willingness to take the time to make sure we understood things made the whole home buying process a lot less stressful and we would highly recommend if you're looking for a home.... contact Kari wolfe!!!!!" - The Klocks – 5/19/17

"Amie Penfield made the search for a new home a joy. We truly appreciate her caring and help in picking the right home. After pick the right home she helped make the purchase happen quickly and effortlessly." - Skip & Penny – 5/11/17

"Stacy (Snyder) was very knowledgeable about her work..she was very patient with me and my husband every time I call Stacy with a question she answered Yes I have already referred coworkers to Stacy..I am so happy..." - Juanell – 5/5/17

"Amie (Penfield) has once again provided outstanding service and worked very hard to get the price that I desired on the home. Beyond reproach. The secretaries were outstanding with communicating messages to me in regards to showings and inspections. Excellent agent that is well versed in all aspects of selling and buying homes." - Julie - 5/1/17

"Not one bad thing to say about Jason Hilton, no improvements or anything. He's the best realtor we've worked with and he was very knowledgeable and always got back with us so quick. ." - Shane & Jennifer - 4/28/17

"Amy and Frank Schemery made the whole process from start to finish a breeze and so enjoyable. We can't say enough about the attention and helpful input they offered us." - Dawn - 4/28/17

"Sue (Masley) started helping me 2 years before we were able to buy a house. We were going through a buyout process that took a very long time. I appreciated that Sue understood the process could go through slowly until it was approved and then go quickly. I appreciated her acknowledgment that although I was not a buyer at the time I would be in the future. Other realtors disregarded the fact that I was a certain buyer due to our situation. Sue was patient and helpful during that time." - Christina - 4/28/17

"It was really nice having such a pleasant person to work with. I can't say enough good things about Cheryl (Heffernan). Simply a GREAT young lady to help us buy our new house." - Joe - 4/27/17

"Leann (Ritter) is very knowledgeable of her job duties. There was no pressure in buying the home. She went above and beyond during my inspections, and made it easy for me to understand what was going on during the process Being a first-time home buyer I had many questions of the process. Leann was there every step of the way. She personally came to me when it was time to sign papers, and that made it much easier for me. If I would ever buy again or if I know anyone who was in the process of buying I would recommend Leann. She made the process very easy I didn't have to worry about anything." - Khamila - 4/18/17

"Tom (Hartland) treated the sale of our home as if it was his own!!!!!" - Bob & Susan - 4/18/17

"Meg (Keifer)was easily accessible and responsive to our questions and concerns. She was realistic with expectations and extremely helpful to us during this process. We enjoyed working with her and would recommend Meg to anyone looking to buy or sell property." - Bonnet - 3/16/17

"We previously worked with Stacy (Snyder) when we sold our last home. She is a perfect example of what an agent should be. She is extremely knowledgeable regarding all aspects of the business and if there's something she doesn't know she will find someone that does. She is always on top of things each and every step of the way. She is very personable and easy to work with as well. We would recommend her to anyone. Berkshire Hathaway should be proud to have her as a representative! Top notch. Excellent performance. Very courteous and polite. Nice to deal with. Our experience with Stacy Snyder/Berkshire Hathaway was a great one." - The Baileys - 4/13/17

"Sue Masley was great to work with. Our agent worked efficiently and effectively to help us find the perfect home. She was very intelligent and was versed in the real estate field. She helped us through the whole process and was always right there when we needed to stop by the house. The process and closing all went smoothly thanks to all of her help. She is a great realtor and I would recommend her to everyone buying a house! " - Tyler - 4/10/17

"Lance (Jensen) is fantastic to work with. He is punctual, knowledgeable, professional, patient and courteous." - Greg - 4/10/17

"Amy Probst served us well as a property manager and then as our realtor." - Helen - 4/6/17